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Requirements for Chinese Adoption and China adoption trips:
 Chinese adoption became a popular option for overseas couples in 1979 when China introduced its one child policy. This policy reduced the amount of children a family could have within China’s borders. This measure was put in place to stop overpopulation. Because of the one child policy, many unwanted children were given up for adoption, especially girls, as the Chinese culture looks on male children as a way to carry on the family line. As most Chinese adoptions are overseas affairs, several rules were put into place.
 China Adoption Forms Required for Adopting Overseas
 According to the consulate general of the United States to Gaungzhou, China, in order for a a United States citizen to adopt a child from any country outside of the U.S., the potential parents must first fill out a I-600A (application for advance processing of orphan petition) petition form from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Citizen and Immigration Services. This form must be filled out before an orphan is located. Following the successful completion of the I-600A, the applicants will be sent a I-171H (Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application for Advance Processing of Orphanage Petition).
 China Adoption Requirements to Fill out the I-600A
 In order to fill out the I-600 A form, to immigrate an orphan child to the U.S., one of the married applicants must be a U.S. citizen and both must be at least 30 years old. Married couples must also supply proof of their marriage. According to the China Center of Adoption Affairs, single people are not eligible to adopt from China. A couple’s home study will also be conducted by a state representative. To pass the home study, financial stability, characteristics of the applicants are assessed, and criminal records are checked (which includes fingerprints of all living in the home). Before or during the adoption proceedings, both married applicants must have seen and observed the child prior to the adoption. If the child was not seen abroad, the applicants must sign a form stating that they are willing to readopt the child in the U.S. A fee of $545.00 plus $70 per person fingerprinted will be charged for this process.
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What Are Chinese Adoption Policies for Children in China?
 Many families make the journey towards adoption from China each year. The U.S. Department of State (DoS) notes that 3001 children were adopted from China in 2009. explains that adoption in China is a sensitive issue. Therefore there are many rules and requirements for adopting a child from China or rules you need to know about China adoption trips.
 Who Can Adopt Chinese Children
 The DoS explains that China has strict requirements on who can adopt a child. Persons wishing to adopt must be a legally married heterosexual couple who have been married for a minimum of two years. If either spouse has been divorced, the couple must be married for five years. A couple with more than two divorces is not eligible for adoption. Adoptive parents must be between the ages of 30 and 50, or 30 to 55 for a special needs adoption. A maximum family size of five children under 18 with the youngest being one year of age is enforced, though not always for special needs adoptions. High school diplomas or the equivalent are required for the parents, as is a family income equal to $10,000 per person in the household (including the child to be adopted). Total family assets must equal at least $80,000. The adoptive parents must be physically and mentally fit and must have a clean criminal history. In addition, at least one of the parents must be willing to travel to China to adopt the child.
 Steps to Placement of Chinese Adoption
 The first step to adopting a child from China is to find an agency that is accredited to complete adoptions from China, explains the DoS. After choosing an agency, apply for adoption eligibility in the United States by completing Form I-800A (Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country). After approval by the U.S. government, the adoption agency forwards all information to China for approval. When approved, China’s central adoption authority, China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA), provides a referral for a child. Adoptive parents have 45 days to provide a referral response.Once a child has been accepted, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office determines the child’s eligibility for adoption under U.S. law. Before traveling to China, prospective parents must submit a visa application for the child to the U.S. Embassy’s Consular office. If the Consular’s Office determines that the child is edible for immigration, notification will be given to CCAA.
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China Adoption Travel Tips
 International Chinese adoption is a wonderful way to build families. Traveling to adopt your child is a unique opportunity to begin bonding on their native soil. Preparedness and caution should be exercised in all international travel, but also take time to enjoy the country of your child’s birth. With careful planning, the China adoption trip can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.
 Phone/Email – China Adoption trips
 Before your China adoption trip traveling, check with your phone carrier to see if service is available in China. Email service is available in most hotels and many internet coffee shops in China’s larger cities.
 Medical – China Adoption trips
 According to, it is important to confirm your insurance coverage before China adoption trip traveling because you may need to purchase additional protection for overseas travel. Refill all maintenance medications. Be sure of your blood type, just in case. Pack an infant’s or children’s fever reducer and a thermometer.
 Packing – China Adoption trips
 Use during your Chinese adoption trips, to check weather conditions in China and pack accordingly. The most important thing to remember of your Chinese adoption trips is not to over pack. On the return Chinese adoption trip you will have a child and possibly many souvenirs to carry. Hotels should have laundry service, so pack only a few days’ worth of clothing. Luggage should be equipped with wheels. Take an extra nylon or canvas bag, folded flat in your suitcase to use for bringing home purchases from China. Pack non-perishable snacks for you and your child in zipper style plastic bags, and bring extras for wet items. Use gift bags for gifting Chinese officials, these also fold flat. Smaller Chinese cities may not sell disposable diapers, so pack enough to last until you reach Guangzhou where more may be purchased. Buy clothing according to the most recent weight of your child.
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Chinese Adoption trips and Steps
 Procedure for Child Adoption in China
 1. In accordance with the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China, foreigners may adopt children in China. Applicants for child adoption shall be:    A. Childless;    B. Capable of rearing and providing education to the adopted child;    C. Thirty years old or above;    D. Where an adoptive parent has a spouse, the couple shall adopt the child together. In case of a spouseless male adopting a baby girl, he has to be at least 40 years older than the adopted child;    E. An adopter could only adopt one child.    Notwithstanding the above conditions, adopting an orphan or a handicapped child need not be subject to the restrictions A, C and E as specified above.    2. To adopt a child in China, the necessary documents required are as follows:    A. Written application for adoption (including the pledge of not maltreating and deserting the adopted child);    B. Personal identifications (including birth and citizenship certificates);    C. Certificate of marital status;    D. Certificate of occupation and financial status;    E. Health certificate;    F. Certificate of non-criminal record;    G. Document which testifies that the adoption accords with the current laws applied to adoption in Canada.    H. Family investigation report    During the process of adoption, either party of a couple may act on behalf of the other in case of absence and subject to the power of attorney signed by the absentee.    3. All documents mentioned above shall be notarized by a notary public and be legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada or provincial authorities and then be authenticated by the China’s Embassy or Consulates-General.    4. A written agreement shall be reached between the adopting parents and the person putting the child up for adoption. The parties shall register in the local Chinese civil affairs department in person, complete notarial procedures at the designated notarial agency. Adoptive relations shall come into force on the day of the notarization.
 Chinese Adoption Registration
 Firstly, “where foreigners come to China for adoption, they should come to China in person to go through the registration formalities. Where a foreign couple adopts a child in concert, they should come to China in concert and go through the adoption formalities; when one of the spouses cannot come to China for some reasons, the other spouse should submit Power of Attorney on his/her behalf and it should be notarized and authenticated.”Secondly, foreigners who come to China for adoption should conclude a written adoption agreement with the person placing out the child for adoption. The adoption agreement should include in general such contents as the adopters’ willingness to adopt, the consent of the person placing out the child for adoption and both parties agree to establish adoptive relationship. The agreement shall be done in triplicate, the adopters, the person placing out the child for adoption and the adoption registration organ each keep one copy.Thirdly, foreign adopters, the person placing out the child for adoption and the adoptee should go together to the civil affairs department of the people’s government of the province, autonomous region or municipality under the jurisdiction of the Central Government for the adoptive registration in the locality of the adoptee’s permanent residence. During the course of registration, the foreign adopters should as required, fill in the registration application for adoption of children in China and submit to the registration organ the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption issued by the China Center of Adoption Affairs, identity credence and photos of the adopters. The registration organ will conduct examination within 7 days from the following day of the receipt of the registration application for adoption of children by foreigners who come to China, handle the adoption registration and issue registration certificate to the adopters in conformity with the Registration Measures for Adoption of Children by Foreigners in the People’s Republic of China. The adoptive relationship will be thus established as of the date of registration.
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